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“I' have been dealing with the Waterbed Gallery since 1985 the staff and people have been so helpfull over the years". Finally I can get all my supplies from your web site. "My waterbed means the world to me, I can only get relief from my back pain when at home on my waterbed, Thanks again for being here for me all these years".  Karen Blackmore , British Columbia , Canada.

 Dear Sleepers Waterbed Gallery,

Three weeks ago, my husband and I popped by your store in Barrie, Ont. to check on alternatives to our
existing waterbed bladder.  As an older "baby boomer", I was experiencing quite a bit of hip and back
pain because getting out of bed was getting much more difficult for me.  We had even added a thick
memory foam pad on top of our bladder and I'll be honest, I thought we would have to be forced to look
at a "conventional" mattress in order to make things easier.  Then we stopped by your store and met
Robin Baldwin and everything changed.

Robin was amazing!  He showed us, and let us try other mattresses, answered all our questions and
really made us feel comfortable.  We left the store that day with a beautiful, Elegance pillowtop, dual
mattress system with individual heaters!

What a difference this mattress has made to my life!  Not only was it easy to install in our original bed
frame and the pillowtop has totally eliminated the need for the foam topper, but the foam side rails
make getting out of bed a breeze!  Regular sheets fit like a dream, I can sit up in bed comfortably now,
no more fights about the heat, we don't feel each other's movements all night, but best of all...I haven't
had ANY PAIN in weeks and I'm thrilled!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful store and your amazing service!  We look forward to dealing with
you again in the future.

Mary Adams
Angus, Ontario

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