How to install a waterbed heater

This video will show you how to install your new waterbed heater. Note this video is only for hardside waterbed heaters. For a soft side waterbed heater or a hybrid waterbed heater please contact us for the newest video .

Waterbeds are back and looking better then ever!!!

When was the last time you tried a waterbed?? Ok lets try that again when was the last time you entered a waterbed store?? So I should start off by introducing myself my name is Mike. I must confess I think waterbeds are the best sleep surface in the world. We will try and cover as many of the false statements I have read over the years about what waterbeds can and cant do for your sleep. Waterbeds can be best explained as the only sleep surface that changes to you not you change to the surface. Water will always contour to your body better than Memory foam , pocket coils, gel, or any other surface on the market today other than airbeds. Airbeds have a similar ability. Waterbeds are one of t

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